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"Farsighte Music" is a collective group and independent music label based locally in the 208 area - Quick to gain their dedicated following on the scene of multiple genres, the strongly talented six member roster includes Krevas, Wishi 6k, Ec-Stract, Versa, HemLo & Roduzay. 

What the group strives to bring to its audience as a whole is familiarity, alongside ground-breaking feats within each musical endeavor taken. The main tones of Farsighte derive from old and new Hip Hop, Alt Rock, Boom Bap and Funk/Soul. One can find a collection of sonically perfected vibes throughout each
artist’s discography, providing technical yet thought provoking lyricism, and some of the strongest, most innovative collaborations around.

We are a community that pushes for open-mindedness, honest, creative expression, and  connection through art. As diverse as the label is, there's always going to be something for somebody to enjoy.
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