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Holding his ground as the newest and sixth member of "Farsighte Music", Roduzay uses his phonk and g-funk influence to deliver a twist to what might be expected within the discography of "Farsighte" as a whole. Though being the youngest, he holds his ground lyrically and musically and can bring a direction unheard of prior within the history of the crew. Minimal in coverage so far, there's a momentum behind Zay's direction that will leave a focus on upcoming releases, and a strive to show what he's worth within his talents.

Album Discography

Everlasting Purgatory - Wishi 6k & Roduzay

Mass Destruction - Wishi 6k & Roduzay


Soulzay, Slimgurilla, Paul Wall, Tommy Wright the III & Devillish Trio

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