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As the newest member of the Farsighte crew, 'Lo brings a flavor to the team that simply blows any perceived notions about his abilities out of the water, so never put any doubts towards this dude's abilities as a musician. From playing guitar on his own tracks to bringing unconceivable flows to his features, you'll find something intriguing and indulging every single time you see him on a track. On top of that, his influences range from music based in the 80's all the way to the West Coast rappers you may know of and/or listen to today. It's never a boring time with HemLo on a song.

Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolyboy Q, Vince Staples, Bas & Deftones

Parlor Tricks - Versa & HemLo

Instagram: @thehemlo
Twitter: @thehemlo
TikTok: @thehemlo

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